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Silhouettes at Sunset ~ Wildlife Inc. ~ Education & Rehabilation Center

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010

Bambi ~ Wildlife rescue and release~

Bambi ~ Wildlife rescue and release~

On Anna Maria Island, in the middle of beach-goers and sunset lovers, their is a place that many helpless animals call home who are in need of rehabilitation. Bambi (seen above) was found at Lakewood Ranch and her mother had been killed when hit by a car. We were not allowed to touch her for fear of domesticating her and she was taken to a ranch out east to live with other deer.
Though many of the animals fall victim to natural causes…disease, storms and natural predation…most of the cases handled by rehabilitators are caused by human interactions~vehicle collisions, environmental toxic poisoning, injuries caused by fishing lines and bottle containers and predation by uncaged domestic animals and released exotic non-native species. Habitat loss due to rapid growth is another cause of orphaned and injured animals. “We believe that all forms of native wildlife serve critical and sometimes complex roles in maintaining the balance of nature. We feel called to do what we can to maintain the balance,” says Wildlife,Inc. They receive no government support for all these labor-intensive and costly activities. The dedicated all-volunteer staff takes no salary. Donors who support the vision and commitment are the sole source of financial support that keep Wildlife, Inc. in full operation. Ed and Gail Straight have dedicated their lives to the rescue and rehabilitation and education of our beloved wildlife and have been providing treatment and care for  Wildlife, Inc. for over 23 years. I am fortunate to volunteer and work with these animals in a mission to protect and preserve our wildlife for Manatee and Sarasota Counties. For more information and the opportunity to support our local wildlife visit their website at And if you see someone feeding our shore birds bread, please help to educate them that this may lead to the death of these birds. Let’s all do what we can to preserve the wildlife on Anna Maria Island…these critters complete the beauty of our Island and all serve a purpose.

Written by Melinda Bordes~ Anna Maria Island Sunsets ~ 941-705-0146 ~ Whether buying or selling real estate on Anna  Maria Island or surrounding areas, please feel free to contact me to assist you. If you live on Anna Maria or are just visiting we all need to do our part to protect our wildlife. Because this is close to my heart I see such a need to be educated and understand what it takes to live along side of our wildlife so we can all benefit from their existence on our beautiful Island!

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  1. Rinehart Video Productions in Sarasota shot a video at Wildlife Inc on Anna Maria Island Florida on 6-21-10. Just Google me to see the video links. Ed and Gail who own and operate this facility are the nicest people you will ever meet. The animals here receive the very best care. The volunteers I met are also very nice, and love taking care of the animals. The video I shot here was at no charge, and I was happy to do it for Wildlife Inc. I am all about helping nice people and organizations out in this area. A great blog on Anna Maria Island. Thanks a bunch.

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