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Melinda Bordes, Anna Maria Island Realtor

Silhouettes at Sunset – The Bench

Posted by on Mar 16, 2009

The BenchBench Sitting at Sunset    Sinking Sun Based on true love stories, I find the substance for my sunset photos. There is something very romantic when two people experience the sun sinking into the Gulf of Mexico as it slowly melts out of sight leaving a spectrum of color bouncing in the sky over Anna Maria Island. As I capture couples embraced and in silence they all have a story. Whether it is a couple who has just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary or two people who have just fallen in love, their pause in awe is always the same. I have witnessed three beach weddings during one sunset and the photo ops are beyond beautiful with the palate of the sunset and nature as the backdrop.

There is a particular bench in Anna Maria where I start my sunset walk that has played a role for a couple who were meeting each other for the first time. The bench sits just under the Australian Pines which provides shade and a resting place for those who want to partake in the sunset without having to trudge through the sand. I have actually made new friends on that bench before heading off to take my pictures. If only this bench could talk, I am sure it could share great stories just like Forrest Gump did on his bench. Now that spring is fast approaching love is in the air everywhere and you cannot help but feel the love of nature and sunset worshipers alike as we all partake in the nightly ritual in one of the friendliest places in the world, our gem, Anna Maria Island.  A special shout out to Doug and his friend who traveled over from the East Coast to catch an incredible sunset!  Hope you will come back soon!

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941~705-0146~ Please feel free to call me regarding homes for sale or to list on Anna Maria Island! It is a great time for buyers to be pursuing their dreams of owning a home on Anna Maria. The homes are very reasonable and the sunsets are priceless!  Be sure to click on each picture for more detail.


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  1. What a beautiful and tranquil place is Anna Maria. You’ve captured the essence of the island in your pics. Fortunate are those that reside there.

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