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Melinda Bordes, Anna Maria Island Realtor

Silhouettes at Sunset

Posted by on Aug 20, 2008

This week has proven to be a week out of the nature book of the human spirit. Each sunset walk had it’s version of out-doing the previous night. The first of this series I will call the angry sunset. You could almost see figures or faces fighting with the boldness of red and orange to add fuel to the fire.                      Sunset EmotionsSeaoats at Sunset 

The following night was the night of the moon. As I was snapping away at the sunset, I turned to find an entirely different mood arise as I caught the moon in the lens of my camera and noted how perfect it appeared. There was a sense of peace seeing the golden moon poking it’s head up in the opposite direction over Anna Maria Island. Sometime if we just look in a different place then what has become mundane, we may find new emotions we did not expect but are very soothing as is the moon on this perfect night!    


The following night was a night without the camera. This was a new experience for about 20 people. We noticed the sand being moved in the loggerhead turtle nest. It was getting very dark but no one in this group of strangers spoke above a whisper as we waited staring at a tiny fin above the sand. After over an hour had passed, almost like an eruption, baby loggerheads begin to pour out from the nest. We made two lines to the water to assure no one would get lost in this march to their new life. It was beyond amazing how they knew just what to do and where they needed to go. With one little mighty leader marching toward sea, more than 100 were close behind. Some would veer off but we would quickly remind them of the path they must follow to reach their destiny. This proved to be a spiritual adventure for all 20 of us that met that night on Anna Maria Island. 

Two nights later would prove to be one of the best sunsets of the week. This was the night following the hurricane that never hit the Island. She was known as Fay and we thank her for stirring up the atmosphere and giving us such an incredible sunset. Please, enjoy the sunset!


Written by Melinda Bordes ~941-705-0146 who is here to assist you with all of your real estate needs whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island and surrounding areas.

Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them in order to see greater detail! Don’t you think it is time to come to Anna Maria Island and see the sunset for yourself?

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  1. Melinda,

    Incredibly magnificient scenery – a wonderful Fay by-product!!! Is it warm all year there?

    Especially delightful with this big 21-inch monitor – when the pictures are enlarged, they fill the whole screen with amazing color. I’ve never seen sunsets like those at Anna Maria Island.

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