Anna Maria Sunset

Melinda Bordes, Anna Maria Island Realtor

Silhouettes at Sunset

Posted by on Oct 18, 2008

Brilliant SunsetPassing through the clouds!Sun beneath the clouds!Heading towards the sun!Ship caught by the setting sun!Goodbye sun!Hello moon!

Tonight my silhouette is the ship (or very large boat) that passes directly in front of the setting sun due west of Anna Maria Island. It was a very quiet and peaceful sunset echoed only by the perfect full moon rising due east of the Gulf of Mexico. The beach was almost void of human life and my only companions were seagulls and pelicans that flew about in search of some tasty morsel before hitting the hay, or so to speak.
Tonight was the perfect time to be alone and reflect on the daily roar of life. And then it was time just to be still and listen. It is truly amazing the sounds that you are able to hear that are emitted by nature when you really pay attention and drown out the voices in your head that linger from the day before and the day ahead. Being alone on the beach at sunset with just myself and nature fills my gas tank to the brim and brings about total serenity.

Written by Melinda Bordes ~ 941-705-0146 ~ Whether buying or selling on Anna Maria Island or surrounding areas please contact me. I will assist you in finding that perfect slice of real estate so that you can enjoy the sunset and much, much more! With prices hitting their bottom and a large inventory, the time to buy is now.  Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them! 

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