Anna Maria Sunset

Melinda Bordes, Anna Maria Island Realtor

About Me

In 1995 I came across the bridge to Anna Maria Island for the first time. I came because I loved the Gulf of Mexico and the name intrigued me and lured me here. I stayed at the Blue Water Motel which sits right on the beach and I will never forget how flooded with emotions I was as I stepped into the crystal white sand for the first time and announced that “I had come home”.

Six weeks later I moved to Anna Maria and became well acclimated to my new surroundings. I fell madly in love with this Island and found it painful when I crossed the bridge to the mainland! I am a “nature girl” and nature abounds from tip to tip of this amazing tropical paradise. Like a gem, I explored every facet of this Island from sunrise to sunset. I was enamored by the green parrots that fly freely all over the Island as well as the Ospreys that nest from treetops to church steeples! The rich tropical foliage lines every street and the Australian Pines line the beaches offering shade from the sun. The tropical breezes can bring relief on even the hottest of days! We don’t have high rises here and Anna Maria City still has mail pickup at the post office!

On June 26, 1996, I joined the rental team at Island Real Estate and began working on my real estate licence and helped to establish the rental department. We were not on computers yet so we had quite the paper trail! Several years later I decided to dive into sales and I have never looked back!

When there are clients that walk through the Island Real Estate door in search of a property that will fulfill their hopes and dreams, I begin to listen to their plan. Sometimes it requires a reality check and an education of our market on Anna Maria Island. Depending on the use of the property, whether personal or investment, the answers and information will not be the same. With an investment property there are certain accommodations that will improve the value of the investment. When purchasing for personal use the location and surrounding perks become more the center of attention. Sometimes clients have been coming to the Island for years and others are just stepping onto the Island for the first time. The degree of education will vary with each client. Beginning my 21st year at Island Real Estate, I enjoy nothing better than being a tour guide and an information center for this market. Over the years I have learned the lay of the land and all that it has to offer. I have been through and survived the ups and downs of this market. I have listed and sold from tip to tip of this Island as well as Bradenton and Sarasota. To see the delight on a new owners face at the closing table gives me great pleasure! To see the seller hand over the keys as he is handed a check, pleased to know he made a great investment, gives me satisfaction of a job done well!  I hope you will let me share this tropical paradise with you as I walk you through the process of buying or selling!

Whether buying or selling let me assist in making your dream a reality! Click HERE to contact me today and start your Anna Maria Island dream!